Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What It's About

It’s about the water all around you
It’s about the mainsheet in one hand, and the tiller in the other
It’s about having the mind to figure out what you need to do
It’s about the wind blowing
It’s about the bonding you do when its not
It’s about the partys before each regatta
It’s about being yourself no matter what
It’s about being accepted for who you are; not who your trying to be
It’s about the constant picking on everyone just because its the way to show you are accepted
It’s about talking smack even though its not meant at all
It’s about the time you take to get to know your teammates
This is what sailing is about; this is the sport that I am in love with and will always be.

-Kaitlyn Largent

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

UTC Sailing Home Page

Welcome all to the UTC Sailing Home page. This is a nice, simple, free homepage for us to use to get simple info out, recruit, share pictures, and other fun stuff. On this blog we will post races we have been to and are going to, placement in those regattas, and whatnot. Anyone who wants to take the lead on keeping this up is welcome to let me know and I will not hesitate to pass it off to you.
Sail Fast,
Commodore Nick